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  Latest news


6 July 2018

Hot Summer Sale until 19th July

Tip: grab Analogue Monsters for only 19 EUR - 67% discount for a limited time!


26 June 2017

    VIROLOGY 2 is out!

Version 2 of Virology has been released. Better, smarter and a lot of new patches, based on the Access Virus C synthesizer

» more info


11 May 2017

    EVOLVER 2 has been released!



10 April 2017

    Deepflight v.2.01 update

2.01 update fixes the "high CPU usage" issue. This new version uses 40-70% less CPU than the initial release.



1 April 2017

    Version 2 announcement

All of our kontakt libraries will be updated to version 2 during this year.

Version 2 is a major upgrade, it turns our libraries into a full featured synthesizer that exploits the advanced features of Kontakt 5.

All version 2 upgrades will be free for customers who purchase our kontakt libraries after 27 Mach 2017.

We offer a very modest upgrade option for customers who purchased our kontakt libraries before 27 March 2017.

We can't undertake exact release dates, each library will be announced when it's completed.

  New features of version 2



27 March 2017

    DEEPFLIGHT 2 is out!

Deepflight 2 Kontakt edition has been released!

We are really excited and proud, because version 2 turns our sound library into a full featured synthesizer. Check it out!


10 November 2016



PinkNoise Studio was founded in November 1996, which means we are 20 years old! :)

We would like to thank all of our customers, without their support we wouldn't have gotten this far. THANK YOU!


6 July 2016

    EPIK4 Kontakt edition is out!

The sister of DEEPFLIGHT has arrived! EPIK4 is our latest Kontakt library based on the sounds of the legendary KAWAI K4 synthesizer from the late 80s. Check out the demo, it's worth!


23 January 2015

    LEMON has been released!

LEMON Kontakt edition is our Kontakt library based on the sounds of three Waldorf synthsizers: Attack, Nave and the Q.


2 July 2014

    ANALOG NIGHT Kontakt edition is out!

We are proud to present ANALOG NIGHT, based on the best sounds of Yamaha AN1x synthesizer:


23 February 2013

   Changes in our webshops...

Important changes in our webshops

This is to announce that from 1 March 2013 kontaktbanks and reasonbanks will be divided into independent selling platforms, and our designated soundbank types will be developed and released separately.

Following this reorganisation the product licences will only contain one format: you can buy the refill version in the reasonbanks' webshop, while the kontakt versions will be available only in kontaktbanks' webshop.

These changes are not retrospective: licences that were purchased before 1 March 2013 will continue to contain both Kontakt and Reason refill versions, and both versions of products so purchased will remain available as well.



17 December 2012

    ORANGE Kontakt edition is out

We are proud the present our latest Kontakt library, based on the sounds of the legendary Waldorf Microwave XTk synth:


3 September 2012

   Voyager Kontakt edition

We are proud the present our latest baby: Voyager Kontakt edition is out!

Voyager is a Kontakt sound library based on the sounds of the famous Minimoog Voyager synthesizer... » more



12 June 2012

  Little Big Bundle

We received many requests from users, so here you are: the Little Big Bundle!

LBB contains all Kontaktbanks products in one 'economical' package. The discount is 30%. This is a permanent discount, not a seasonal campaign.

Some people still cannot afford everything, so a bundle sale would help your budget to afford ALL PinkNoise products.

Little Big Bundle is available in our e-shop.


18 October 2011

  Analogue Monsters Kontakt edition is out!

Five and half months have passed since we released our latest kontakt bank. Well, it is quite a long time... but as you will see, life continued to be on the move here in the meantime. This summer we want to create something... something BIG!

Now it is finally completed: ANALOGUE MONSTERS Kontakt edition is out!

This is our biggest Kontakt sound library ever, based on the best sounds of 10 legendary synthesizers.



19 May 2011

  VIROLOGY video review


  VIROLOGY review on sounds&gear with youtube video. We got 5/5! :) 




05 May 2011

  VIROLOGY Kontakt edition is available now!

Yes, it's available now! VIROLOGY is a sound library based on the sounds of the Access VIRUS synthesizer... » more




26 January 2011

  DEEPFLIGHT Kontakt edition is out!

We are proud to present Deepflight Kontakt edition, our third library available in native Kontakt format. Deepflight is based on the sounds of the legendary Roland D-50 synthesizer from the late 80's... » more



11 January 2011

  MATRIX Kontakt edition is available!

We are proud to present MATRIX Kontakt edition, our second library available in native Kontakt format. MATRIX is an analogue synth library, based on the sounds of Oberheim Matrix-1000... » more



23 November 2010


Today is a great day for us: after many months of planning and developing, we launch a new sister site of reasonbanks:

kontaktbanks.com has opened today!

Our new site is dedicated to Kontakt, the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments.

At the same time we are proud to present Revolver for Kontakt, our very first library available in native Kontakt format.

REVOLVER is a Kontakt sound library based on the sounds of the famous DSI Evolver synthesizer, and gives you a wide collection of vivid and powerful sounds.... » more






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