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Contents: 14 Kontakt patches (variations of 4 instruments), based on 64 MB stereo samples (58 instrument multisamples).

  Download ORANGE demo bank

format: rar     compressed file size: 41.3 MB 

requirements: full version of Kontakt 3.5 (or more recent version).




    Andras: Orange Peels  [1:14]   size: 1.69 MB

comment: I composed this little tune quickly and recorded live in Reason - so it's not too sophisticated and accurate... anyway, enjoy!:)


We created control maps (based on the midi implementation of our Kontakt banks) for different midi keyboard controllers.

You can use these presets to control the synth's parameters in realtime.

  Download control maps package

- AKAI MPK series
- Korg Kontrol 49
- Novation Remote series
- Novation SLMK II series



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